Feedback – How to move from thumbs down to thumbs up

thumbs down to thumbs up

The Feedback process involves helping the individual to think.

David Rock, coined the term ‘Neuroleadership’. In his book ‘Quiet Leadership’ he says that

people are paid to think.

Indeed thinking questions help people make new connections. Start the feedback process by dispelling any threats and checking in to ensure that this is a good time to talk. Next, assure them that their job is not in jeopardy. Be direct and state the behaviour and the Impact, then turn the conversation into a coaching moment. Ask for all their ideas, brainstorm with their ideas first. When their ideas are drained you can ask for permission to share your ideas.


Benefits of this Approach:

  • Create trust and build the relationship
  • Make it a learning experience
  • Empower the individual and show that you are open to hearing their responses
  • Increase productivity and the bottom line.
  • Create a supportive culture of learning and innovation.