June 23, 2016


“Nicola’s facilitation approach is fun, engaging and highly interactive. She is a University-based educator and has taught workshops for government, corporate and non-profit agencies”

All workshops are customizable to suit individual needs. Nicola facilitates workshops for both Leaders, and Teams.


LPI Leadership

Workshop for Leadership Development (using Leadership Practises Inventory, LPI)

This workshop is used for Leadership Development and enhancing Leadership Practices. It includes full-circle (360) feedback, a developmental plan and strategies on how to share your feedback with others. It is the cornerstone of the Leadership Challenge.

Benefits include:

  • Increases confidence and personal credibility
  • Higher engagement and motivation levels from the team
  • Creates a high-performance team
  • Promotes loyalty and commitment
  • Reduces absenteeism, turnover, and stress levels


Team Building Workshop for Forming or Intact Teams (using Emergenetics)

This workshop builds trust, teamwork, commitment and loyalty amongst all team members by getting a full portrait of everyone’s true essence. Concepts are based on recent brain research, colour-coded and easy to read and understand. See Harvard Business Review article about the importance of getting to know each other on the team titled “What new Team Leaders should do first”

Benefits include:

  • Strength-based approach builds cohesive and productive teams and organizations
  • Increases understanding of yourself and others including customers, clients and coworkers
  • Promotes communications between teams members
  • Helps with team-building, trust, conflict resolution, and change management
  • Fosters an appreciation of having different personalities and strengths on the team

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