Six reasons to use Emergenetics for Self-Organizing Agile Teams

Self-organizing teams are team members who work together toward a goal, have the ability and authority to take decisions and readily adapt to changing demands. So what is Emergenetics and how can it help? The ‘What’ is simple. Emergenetics is an easy, online process that reveals your thinking and behavioral preferences. How can it help?

  1. Great for getting the team to know each other at the start of a project. Emergenetics begins the process by strengthening the Forming segment of Tuckman’s 4 states of Team Development. It can also really help out in a distributed team, if you can manage to get the team to face to face at the beginning of a project. Chelsea Dillon, from Emergenetics said, “Just because you have the right people on a team doesn’t mean they will know what to do with each other or how to work together. A high-performing team starts with self-awareness at the individual level, but team members must also understand what everyone else brings to the team and how to best interact with their counterparts. For more information see “Start by getting to know each other.”

  1. Great for optimal team performance by making the most of diverse perspectives. After all, it is a proven way to stoke more creative and productive solutions. When you are solving a problem, having people with different perspectives look at it is very helpful. See utilizing different perspectives.
  1. Great to help teams communicate more effectively by flexing their message to the person they are talking to. See examples of constructing messages for the ears of abstract or concrete thinkers.
  1. Great for helping to resolve team conflict. In a study from the Journal for Applied Psychology,it said, “task conflict had a positive impact on performance in teams with high levels of openness or emotional stability”. So, open communication, being able to understand the other persons’ point of view, and speaking their language is important to reduce conflict.
  1. Great for learning to express appreciation to each other.
  1. Great for figuring out how each team member learns.

Off course, in addition the training “Meeting of the Minds” workshop is a fun experience for the team.

Finally, Emergenetics is a measurable, proven way to recognize and apply thinking and behavior patterns people use.