Love and Employee Engagement. 5 Secret Why’s, What’s and How’s of this Magic Dust

When you love someone, you typically want to please him or her, and go beyond what they expect from you. Likewise, Bob Kelleher from the Employee Engagement Group talks about the magic dust as the discretionary effort of an employee, when they go above and beyond what is expected. So, how can we create some of this engagement (magic dust) in our employees?

5 Secret Why’s, What’s and How’s:

  1. Give them the ‘Why’. Just as you and your partner like to have a common vision of your relationship, your employees also like to know the vision of the company/team. Further, it is true, that if their goals are consistent with the organizations’, then they spend more time on them.
  2. Give them the ‘What’. When you ask your partner to meet you at a restaurant for dinner, you need to give them clear specifics on time, directions, etc. Likewise, with your employees you need to give them clear expectations of what you want. Remember that you may need to adjust your ‘What’ and customize the language to the individual in person.
  3. Leave out the ‘How’. You would not think of telling your partner ‘how’ to kiss you. Individuals like some freedom and autonomy on how they carry out a task. The only ‘How’ for your employees will be, “How will we know you have completed the task”. This is important in terms of accountability.
  4. Find out ‘What’ motivates them. As the ‘5 Love Languages’ can help you to talk your partner’s language, David Rock’s neuroscience SCARF model, based on minimizing danger (threats), and maximizing reward, can help you to figure out what best motivates each employee.
  5. Find out ‘How’ they learn best. Is it visual (diagrams), verbal (reading), tonal (listening), kinaesthetic (doing) or numeric (Numbers)? If you wanted to teach your partner to cook a new meal, would it be best to give them a book, tell them about it or have them do it with you?

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