How to get 2 thumbs up when giving positive feedback

Getting more of recognizing positive feedback

In our last post we looked at how to turn negative feedback into a learning experience. Similarly we can make positive feedback into a learning experience. So next time, you think about saying, “Joe, great job!”, think again. In his book ‘Quiet Leadership’ David Rock he says that people are paid to think and that as leaders, we can help them to think, by asking questions that create new neural connections.  One on one informal conversations are a great place to  achieve this. Here is a basic process for giving positive feedback. PositiveFeedback Start the feedback process by dispelling any threats and checking in to ensure that this is a good time to talk. Yes, sometimes people feel threatened by getting positive feedback.  Next, ask some questions, to allow them think about what they actually did, to achieve success. In addition, you may help them to unveil some untapped strength. As a leader, it is your job to mentor your employees and help them grow. Giving your employees opportunities to grow and develop, and then highlighting their strengths, are the trademarks of a good leader.

Benefits of using this Approach for positive feedback:

  • Highlight untapped strengths and abilities
  • Create trust and build the relationship
  • Increase engagement and motivation
  • Increase performance, productivity and the bottom line.
  • Create a supportive culture of learning and innovation.