March 21, 2023


nice to meet you


Hi, I'm Nicola



- so they don't succumb to burnout

Here's why I do what I do.

I want every person to feel confident and successful at being themselves. I want them to have a meaningful future and a purposeful career without stress, anxiety and emotional chaos.


So often, I work with clients that are stuck, doubting themselves and unable to live up to their potential. They are held back by perfectionism and imposter syndrome. Like myself, they put pressure on themselves to achieve and are constantly stressed and overwhelmed.


I was an overachiever who looked like I had it all together on the outside.

I had many accomplishments in my academic years and career. I won many prizes for sports and academics at school. After university, I held several high-profile career positions, including tenure-track professor of computer science and innovative roles in various software development companies in Ireland, the UK, and Canada. Later, I embarked on a prestigious executive coaching course in the US to become an executive coach and coached many clients worldwide.


The inside was a different story.

While the outside looked like I had it all together, the inside was a different story, filled with pressure, self-doubt and anxiety. I felt like an imposter. I didn’t see myself as successful, even after all my accomplishments. When I achieved wins, I didn’t take the time to acknowledge them and instead moved on to the next big challenge—always trying to prove that I was enough. When setbacks came along, I doubted myself and struggled to show up and move forward. The pressure I put on myself to achieve perfection kept me from living a life of joy and fulfillment. Like many of my clients, I found it hard to focus when I was overwhelmed with doubt and fear and spent most of my time worried and stressed.


BE Successful
without it
BEing Stressful

Finally, I burnt out from a lifetime of stress and decided it was time to make some necessary changes. From my research, I created three tools. Today, I am less reactive and calmer. Rather than get stuck overthinking when I encounter setbacks, I can work through my emotions and respond in healthier ways. I’m also kinder and more compassionate to myself. As a result, I experience less pressure. It is easier to set boundaries and give myself permission to say no and work. I can celebrate wins without worrying about all the tasks I still have to complete, and I feel free to try something and fail, knowing I can learn from it. I’m not pressured to prove myself, and I’m having fun doing what I love – helping others have the freedom to live a gentler life. I focus less on the shoulds and the musts and more on being myself and having fun – and it turns out I’m successful.

I look forward to working with you.

What if I fall?

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