June 22, 2016


To take an on-line assessment, use the contact form below, specifying the type of assessment you would like to take.  The process consists of:

  • an initial coaching session prior to taking the assessment to establish your goal
  • administration of the on-line assessment
  • a follow-up coaching session to debrief the assessment

Myers Briggs Type Indicator


Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Personality Assessment Tool. Additional reports are available for Stress, Communication Style and Conflict.


Emergenetics – Brain-Based Psychometric Assessment Tool used to enhance Leadership and Team Effectiveness, Communication, and Alignment within Organizations.


Clifton StrengthsFinder – Strength-based Assessment Tool.


Highlands Ability Battery – Career Assessment Tool based on Natural Abilities. Shows you how you are hardwired and give you insight into your Preferred Work Environment/Personal Style, Learning, Decision-Making and Communication Style.


Firo-B or Firo-Business – Interpersonal Tool based on human interaction looking at an individual’s need for Inclusion, Control and Affection and how these can shape his or her interactions with others.


Leadership Practises Inventory – Leadership Tool to help you reach your Leadership potential, the cornerstone of the Leadership Challenge.  Self Assessment and 360 ° available.

CPI 260CPI-260 -Leadership Personality Tool for Leadership Development.



VIA Character Strengths – Strength-based Assessment Tool.