December 19, 2022

Coaching – for Burnout

Nicola McCrabbe

When Nicola burnt out, she was desperate to understand what was wrong with her. No one seemed to know the answer.

NEED HELP ANd A fresh perspective?

Are you: 


  • Experiencing a sinking feeling that is not going away – things are not well?

  • Feeling pressured or believe that you have no control over your situation at work?

  • Unable to keep up with your workload, procrastinating, or feel constantly exhausted or stressed?

  • Considering leaving or quitting your current role or position?


  • Tired of hearing others tell you that you need help?

  • Recovering from burnout and want help to strike a new healthier path forward?



One-on-one Coaching is for you if
you want:

  • To figure out where you are on the road to burnout.

  • Support in understanding your unique situation in order to move forward with hope for the future.

  • Help to be authentic by understanding your values so you can show up as your best self.

  • Emotional regulation tools for a calmer mind.

  • A re-assessment of your career situation or vision going forward. See

    tweaking your career for more details.

  • Strategies to reduce your workload, deal with conflict and nurture your tribe, delegate work, or create some work-life balance.

  • Weekly check-in’s to support your wellness recovery journey and monitor your progress.

  • Referrals to trusted medical advisors to help with burnout recovery in the body.


We are happy to customize our package for you. Please contact us! Mode of delivery: face-to-face, video or phone.

Participants will be able to measure before and after results to see progress.

This “Signature” program is a purpose-built program for professionals.The program includes the following:

  • 2 x burnout assessments.

  • One-hour ‘Launch’ Exploration session- to clarify your goals and understand your personal preferences.

  • One-hour ‘Identity’session to uncover your authentic essence and values.

  • Weekly sessions to experiment with new tweaks.

  • Unlimited emails between sessions.

  • One-hour ‘Send-off’ Planning and review session at completion of the program.

  • One-hour ‘Intensity’session- three months after completion of the program.

    Note: If you would like help with tweaking your career, we can add additional sessions.


Nicola brings a unique perspective to coaching for burnout. She:


  • Has walked the talk, experienced burnout and is now leading a healthy life.

  • Published a book on stress and burnout. Details can be found here

  • Is certified at an expert level as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the world-renowned International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  • Has 10 + years of experience as a leadership coach working with overwhelmed clients. 

  • Worked in both the corporate and academic worlds before becoming a coach. 

  • Has experience in career transition coaching— click here for help on creating a new career strategy.

  • Takes a holistic approach, with education in counselling and coaching.



We can help you to be better

We will help you create daily and weekly routines to stack healthy habits .  


Client reviews

Nicola helped me understand my talents and abilities and confirm my own personal observations, allowing me to move forward with more confidence in directions that I have selected. More importantly, she also allowed me to identify my foundational skills, giving me the opportunity to apply them successfully in new situations. I have also been able to identify some new opportunities, areas that I did not realize that my skills were applicable or valuable. Through the entire coaching process she also acted with high integrity and helped me face both the good and bad opinions that I had regarding my work skills. At the end she demonstrated that she cares for the people that she helps.
Nicola is a great support. She is thoughtful, thorough, and kind. I truly believe she cares about my growth and for that I'm extremely grateful.