March 7, 2022

Burnout Quiz

Feeling Burnt out?

Constantly exhausted, irritable and
not getting much done!

burnt out

The Honest Reality


Burnout often sneaks up on us, camouflaged as everyday stress. We brush off our exhaustion or frustration, thinking it’s just a part of life. Or we convince ourselves that things will magically improve on their own.

Break the cycle. Reclaim your Energy

At Nicola McCrabbe Coaching, we believe in taking proactive steps. Recognizing burnout early is key to reclaiming your vitality. Discover where you stand on the burnout scale – it’s the first step toward a healthier you.

Your Journey to Renewed Energy Begins Now

Take our burnout quiz to gain self-awareness and insights. Plus, receive our **TOP SIX TIPS** to overcome burnout. Don’t wait for rock bottom. Start your recovery today.