Make feedback more impactful by using individual motivator language

Using the right hook to bait the fish for more impactful feedback. Understanding that we all look at the world via a different lens, is very important when giving feedback. When we change our approach to match someone else’s preferences, we have a significantly better chance of connecting and achieving our communication goals! To illustrate this,[…]

Getting more of recognizing positive feedback

How to get 2 thumbs up when giving positive feedback

In our last post we looked at how to turn negative feedback into a learning experience. Similarly we can make positive feedback into a learning experience. So next time, you think about saying, “Joe, great job!”, think again. In his book ‘Quiet Leadership’ David Rock he says that people are paid to think and that as leaders, we[…]

thumbs down to thumbs up

Feedback – How to move from thumbs down to thumbs up

Delivering hard feedback Checking in with people and holding them accountable is not always easy, and besides, who wants to be the bearer of bad news? Not many people! Amy Jen Su offers some suggestions in getting over your fear of conflict including the importance of having these conversations in the first place. Threats are real I[…]

Five Influential Communicating Strategies to help you move from a ‘Good’ Programmer to a ‘Great’ Programmer.

Communicating for influence is key for job success, especially when it comes to interacting with your customers, colleagues. According toScalable, it is the 2nd most important trait that distinguishes good programmers from great programmers. It could make all the difference in getting what you want, whether it is to get your idea heard, doing an[…]