August 11, 2018

Get to know the players on your team.

Help your team to better appreciate and communicate with each other.

Get to know the players on your team

Our signature Emergenetics program reveals individual personality (thinking and behavioural) preferences.  It uses experiential and interactive learning and is a customizable, and engaging session.  It is focused on strengths, communication, increasing self-awareness and better social intelligence for the people we interact with daily.

Start talking the same language for increased clarity and understanding

This is a great workshop for any stage in a project, or as a regular team-building activity. It takes a strength-based approach, with an appreciation of diversity for different communication styles and strengths within the team. Concepts are based on recent neuroscience brain research, colour-coded and easy to read and understand. It certainly will bring out the best in everyone and be lots of fun at the same time. Options: You can target key application areas such as people’s needs for change management, feedback, problem-solving, decision-making, learning styles, psychological safety, or motivation.

Key Take Aways

  • Self-awareness– Learn the thinking and behavioural attributes of your personality and how to gain more brain power.
  • Self- Management– Know the strengths of your personality and how to use your strengths to improve.
  • Other-Awareness for members of your team – Understand and appreciate the personality preferences and strengths of other members of your team,
  • Other-Management – Be better able to connect and work with other preferences for better communication, including giving direction, giving feedback or setting goals.
  • Understand the differences between intent and impact in communication, along with the benefits of flexing your communication style to connect better and make yourself clearer to others.
  • Note – Each participant receives an individual report outlining their own preferences and how your profile presents itself in action, based on the Emergenetics™ psychometric assessment
  • An online tool is included with communication and connection tips for individuals and groups. This can help to enable better meetings, presentations and conversations, or to give feedback.
See our post for more information on how this workshop can benefit your team.


Half-day workshop (4 hours)  

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