October 5, 2023


Re-discover your true authentic self

Let's do this!

Your Unique Identity Phrase


Craft a phrase that encapsulates your best self, a mantra to empower you daily and boost your confidence and sense of value when needed.

Make it simple yet impactful, something you can easily recall in any situation. 

Here are a few examples:  

a.     Kind, Positive, Scientist

b.     Curious, Empowering, Coach 

c.     Responsible, Generous, Creative

d.     Fun, Creative, Academic, Presenter

unique phrase



1) Define your essence through a blend of interests, values, and purpose. Initiate the process by selecting 3-4 words that truly resonate with you.

2) Next, weave these words into a phrase, molding them until they capture the essence of your being, even if not perfectly.

3) Recite this phrase to yourself, or aloud. It should exude confidence, for these words encapsulate your best self. Remember, your uniqueness is defined by these very words. Embrace them. Own them.