August 10, 2018

Team kick-off Workshop

thriving team

Get off to a great start by setting the stage for great teams and projects … all while bringing out the best in people

This workshop is ideal for new teams and kick-offs but could be taken at any time to get the team on the same page.  The intention is to allow teams to get to know each other beyond a superficial level and to think about the purpose and meaning of the work they are about to begin. Participation will be managed to establish trust and psychological safety, with whole team contribution. This workshop will answer Fred Kofman’s question in his book The Meaning Revolution. “How do we get them to accomplish their individual missions, but also to subordinate their missions to the large mission of the organization, so that the whole team wins?”.

Key Take-Away’s

  • Trust –  Get to know each other including vulnerabilities, to quickly establish trust, positive relationships, and community among team members.
  • Context – Understand customer and stakeholder expectations, along with a clear understanding of success.
  • Purpose – Establish a sense of meaning and purpose to inspire team members, by creating and/or understanding the Vision and the Mission.
  • Alignment – Establish a baseline of best practices for flourishing and sustainable team development. Possibilities include creating shared values and principles, and/or working agreements, along with operational guidelines.
  • Autonomy – The collective team will determine the outcomes. The facilitator will facilitate the process, and outline the stages of Tuckman’s stages of group development.


1-day workshop (6 hours). Note. It can be customized to a half-day workshop (3 hours)

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