August 11, 2018

OLDMoving on from Survivor Syndrome. For those left behind after layoff/downsizing.

Left behind


Do you feel that you have survived a traumatic ordeal while those close to you did not? Are you still in that situation trying to move forward possibility with limited resources along with feelings of guilt, loss and anxiety and the general feeling of loss of control?

Would you like some pointers to move forward with confidence and control? Come to learn the tools (secrets) and leave with the knowledge (know how), courage and confidence to start applying these right away.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Understand common thoughts and emotions associated with survivor syndrome.
  • Appreciate the impact of the layoff’s for you personally; through the lens of the change and transition model, and look at factors that affect how one copes with change,
  • Learn general resilience strategies to adapt and respond to life’s changes, and specific work-related strategies that will leave your feeling more hopeful, and in control, based on a well researched positive psychology wellness model.


1 hour lunch and learn

Half-day workshop (3 hours)

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