May 30, 2023

Old Coaching – Overwhelm to Top-Notch


tools for coaching


One habit at a time!

Nicola McCrabbe

You are a high-achiever!


From the outside, it looks like you have it all.

You have accomplished much.


Yet, on the inside, it is a different story


You don’t feel successful.


You may lack confidence and doubt yourself. 


You find it hard to take risks and fear failure


You tend to overthink things or take things personally.


You often feel overwhelmed and stressed.


You find it hard to focus or say “No” to work.


You look for perfection or have imposter syndrome.


You spend much time working or thinking about work.


Your inner critic is always on.


You feel pressure to continually prove yourself.


Your life feels like an emotional roller coaster.




It’s time to make a committed change.

Coaching is for you if you want to BE successful without it Being stressful

You have likely tried everything (therapy, yoga, meditation, and it didn't last.)

It's time to get to the root cause!

Are you ready and committed to finding a longer lasting solution? Something that will change you from the inside out?


Take a peek at what you can expect!


Confidence to show up as your unique self without doubting yourself


Focus to be productive, have clarity and make progress without feeling overwhelmed

Mental and physical energy to be, productive and enjoy life without feeling tired from overwork and overthinking

support and influence

Support, allies and influence to help
you along the way

Lighten the load, reduce the pressure, have some fun and be Successful!

Join the 90-day
coaching program
with Nicola


The first important step is creating initial goals for coaching. You can measure your progress and stay motivated throughout the program by establishing clear objectives and benchmarks. Additionally, it’s crucial to understand how habits help to create change. You can create sustainable change beyond the coaching program by recognizing the mindsets holding you back and developing new habits supporting your goals. To start this journey, you will use the Daily Habits Journal. You can achieve your goals and transform your life with commitment, focus, and the right tools.




Create initial goals

Recognize the mindsets that are holding you back

Understand how habits create change

Get started on the Daily Habits Journal  

Maintaining optimal energy levels is essential for overall well-being and productivity. Addressing overthinking, anxiety, and negative emotions is a valuable strategy to keep calm and reduce the likelihood of getting stressed. Implementing techniques like Brain Relaxation Exercises (BREs) can promote a calm mind and present-moment awareness, helping to combat overthinking and anxiety. 


To sustain energy levels and recharge, it is vital to listen to our bodies intentionally and to incorporate periods of rest and play into daily routines. Engaging in activities that bring joy and allow for playfulness can significantly enhance energy levels, creativity, focus, and overall performance. Moreover, establishing clear boundaries around work is crucial for maintaining energy levels. By effectively managing time and setting boundaries, individuals can prevent burnout and strike a healthy balance between work and personal life, ensuring sustained energy for both personal and professional endeavours.




Tool 1 – Brain Relaxation Exercises (BREs) to keep the mind present and calm

Learn to listen to you body

Add Rest and Play to your schedule

Create boundaries of your time around work

Maintaining focus is essential for productivity and personal growth. However many of us take on work because we are afraid to say “No.” In this module, you will get the opportunity to figure out why you take on more work. We will look at delegating to reduce distractions and unnecessary commitments as well as how to gracefully say “NO” to requests. Doings so will help you to create space and time for what truly matters and helps you stay on track with your priorities.

Next, we will look at how to foster focus with daily prioritizing. By staying organized, we can focus on the activities that will provide us with the most value and prevent ourselves from becoming overwhelmed or distracted. 

In addition, maintaining a positive mindset is instrumental in nurturing focus. Practicing daily gratitude and reflecting on our wins, no matter how small cultivates an optimistic outlook and reinforces our motivation. By acknowledging and appreciating the positive aspects of our lives, we create a foundation of positivity that propels us forward.




Get clear on what to say “No” to

Experiment with saying “No” elegantly and strategies to delegate without micro-managing

Practise with daily focus and prioritization

Focus on positivity – gratitudes and wins

Developing skills to navigate our inner critic, cultivating self-compassion, and affirming our self-worth on a daily basis are vital for experiencing a sense of value and worthiness. When we feel valued, we create a safe space for ourselves, enabling us to embrace other positive habits. It becomes easier to set boundaries and say no to work, show kindness to others, be vulnerable and seek assistance when needed, focus on the positives without fear of negative repercussions, take risks and explore new possibilities, express our authentic selves, engage in meaningful work, and take guilt-free breaks.

In addition, employing the Five Rs tools—recognizing, relaxing, revisiting, reframing, and responding to negative emotions—can effectively disrupt the draining cycles of stress, replenishing our energy and fostering healthier responses. Practicing self-compassion forms the foundation of responding, ultimately contributing to our overall well-being.



Work with your inner-critic and learn to be compassionate to yourself when things don’t go well

Acknowledge your self-worth daily

Learn to forgive yourself

Tool 2 – Five Rs tools to short-circuit your stress spirals by recognizing your negative emotions and choosing healthier responses

In today’s fast-paced world, a common challenge is that many individuals struggle to define their purpose or identify what truly holds meaning for them, while simultaneously falling into the trap of over-identifying with their professional endeavours.

In this module you will learn to feel confidence from truly knowing yourself – your motivators, strengths, values, and purpose. Now you can embrace your unique self and recognize the value you bring to the world. When you clearly understand who you are and what you stand for, you can confidently tap into your why to navigate any situation and overcome imposter syndrome. 



Clarity your motivators and your unique value 

Tap into your why when you feel like the imposter in the room



A vital aspect of achieving success lies in discovering your North Star and determining what to embrace with a “Yes,” along with developing a strategic roadmap consisting of actionable tasks to reach your desired destination. Breaking down goals into manageable units is instrumental in combating feelings of overwhelm.

Moreover, embracing risk-taking on your journey and embracing the notion that every goal is a chance to either succeed or learn will enable you to persevere and alleviate unnecessary pressure. Rather than viewing setbacks as failures, you will recognize them as valuable opportunities for personal growth and development.

Lastly, implementing weekly planning and leveraging the Agile Methodology will significantly enhance your focus and productivity. By structuring your weekly schedule and allocating specific time slots for each task, you can maintain a balanced and manageable workload while effectively prioritizing your responsibilities. The Agile Methodology, renowned for its iterative and flexible approach, empowers you to efficiently manage your time and sustain a steady rhythm of progress, thereby amplifying your overall concentration and output. 



Get clear on your North Star an what to say ‘Yes” to

Focus on taking risks and learning and improving with a growth mindset – there is not such time as failing, only winning or learning

Keep your eyes on you own work and monitor your progress on your journey

Weekly planning and prioritizing using Agile Methodology

A robust support network is crucial in fostering personal and professional development. Learning to be sociable, compassionate and agreeable is essential to establish a solid foundation for a supportive network. Instead of battling challenges alone, having allies and reaching out for help can be invaluable. Mastering the art of navigating challenging conversations with grace and professionalism is also vital. By honing effective communication skills, you can cultivate strong relationships with others and foster a network that nurtures your growth and propels you toward success.




Focus on growing your support network

Experiment with navigating difficult conversations

Executive presence and articulating your value

What's unique about our coaching program

We get to the root cause - so you can change from the inside out!

The two emotional regulation tools; the BREs and Five Rs will help you to stay calm, reduce your anxiety and short-circuit your negative thought spirals


The SIT-UPP™ framework of compassionate habits will help you to be feel safe which in turn will make it easier for you to implement the healthy habits

We measure progress, with assessments along the way to evaluate the impact of coaching


We believe that change involves tiny tweaks - you will experiment with new habits one step at a time!


We use a daily journal to implement the habits based on agile methodology and continuous improvement


Why work with Nicola?


I have helped hundreds of clients in to move forward in their careers to support career growth, job satisfaction and leadership excellent. Many of these clients are high-achievers like you. I worked in corporate, academic, and non-profit settings before taking a coaching certificate.


I am educated as an executive coach and certified as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have a Masters in Computer Science and a Bachelor in EducationC

Recently, I authored and published a book:



I understand the challenges of overwhelmed and anxious high-achievers. I am one myself.
I burnt out and had to learn a new way to live and work. Today, I'm more focused, confident, authentic and connected. I can deal with the stressors in my life and have tools to help me to be more resilient.


I ask deep questions to get to the root of the issue.
I also get concrete and ask that you take action between sessions.
I'll role-play and experiment with you in sessions.
I'll be your best advocate.
I'll give you action items between sessions to experiment with new habits.

Some of the goals past clients achieved:

During one-on-one coaching sessions

Earned a Promotion

Negotiated a raise

Delegated more to their team

Spoke up more in meetings

Generated more sales

Tweaked their career 

Qualifiers - Are you:

  • Committed to make a change in your life?

  • Ready to do some work. You might have previously burnt out but are now in a space to make some changes?

  • Willing to try new habits to reduce overwhelm and stress?

  • Open to possibilities?



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