April 27, 2022


Overwhelmed Overachiever Quotient


Discover your Overwhelmed Overachiever Quotient (OOQ) index and “growth gaps” to be more resilient.


Your OOQ is an indicator of how much your mind is in Overwhelmed Overachiever mode as opposed to Calm Compassionate Individual mode.


An Overwhelmed Overachiever uses achievement to feel good about themselves. You might refer to them as high-achievers, high-performers, or overachievers. Overwhelmed Overachievers can get overwhelmed if they think there is a chance they might fail. They live with constant pressure in their lives.


A Calm Compassionate Individual is calm and compassionate. They manage their stressors well and are usually calm. They are compassionate to themselves and others. They generally love their work, learning and thrive in their time outside work.


Discover which areas you need to work on most to be more resilient, like the Calm, Compassionate Individual.

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