May 14, 2024


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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lisa Holden Rovers on my book, “Burnout Be Gone: Healthy Habits for the Overwhelmed Perfectionist at Work”. Leaders That Last™ Podcast!

Join us as we delve into the inspiration behind the book and explore its powerful themes. Tune in for insights on preventing burnout for high-performers.

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Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:


  1. [Key Takeaway 1]: Discover the inspiration behind the book.
  2. [Key Takeaway 2]: Tune with your body to avoid the slippery slope to burnout. [3.00]
  3. [Key Takeaway 3]: There is hope; it’s a work in progress. [4.00]
  4. [Key Takeaway 4]: Embrace the power of positivity. [6.00]
  5. [Key Takeaway 5]: Discover the meaning of wobblers. [9.00]
  6. [Key Takeaway 6]: Learn about Healthy Coping Strategies, including Brain Relaxation Exercises, the Five Rs, and the SIT-UPP™ Framework of   Compassionate Habits. [10.00]
  7. [Key Takeaway 7]: Discover the meaning behind SIT-UPP™ Framework. [12.00]
  8. [Key Takeaway 8]: Pace yourself and manage your energy effectively. [14.00]
  9. [Key Takeaway 9]: Explore who the book is written for. [15.00]
  10. [Key Takeaway 10]: Coming back to yourself – rediscover who you really are. [16.00]
  11. [Key Takeaway 11]: Here about my future plans. [17.00]
  12. [Key Takeaway 12]: Access Resources including free quizzes. [18.50]

Practical Tips:

One of the most valuable points I shared was tuning into the body. Here’s how you can apply this in your daily life and work:

  1. Practice deep breathing exercises to relax the body.
  2. Take note of how your body feels – are you energized, tired, or totally drained?
  3. If you’re tired, pace yourself and schedule time to recharge.
  4. If you’re completely drained, consider taking a vacation or seeking support.

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Quotes and Highlights:

As Nicola said, ‘Come back to who you really are to spark the flame again’: Reflect on your motivators; values and strengths, purpose and interests.

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