May 17, 2023



Nicola's Nuggets
for the
Overwhelmed Overachiever

One habit at a time!

Nicola McCrabbe

TTell me more about the podcast and who it is for?

Nicola’s Nuggets for Overwhelmed Overachievers is a podcast dedicated to helping high-performing individuals build resilience and healthy habits to BE successful at work and prevent overwhelm, stress, and burnout.


Join leadership coach and author Nicola McCrabbe as she shares practical tips and insights for working on habits, and achieving a more balanced and fulfilling life. 


Each episode is packed with valuable nuggets of wisdom to help you thrive at work. Whether you’re a perfectionist, an overachiever, have imposter syndrome, or just feeling overwhelmed, this podcast is for you. 


Tune in and discover how to BE successful without it Being stressful and to live a life worth living!

Coaching is for you if you want to BE successful without it Being stressful

You have likely tried everything (therapy, yoga, meditation, and it didn't last.)

It's time to get to the root cause!

Are you ready and committed to finding a longer lasting solution? Something that will change you from the inside out?


Take a peek at what you can expect!


Focus to make progress and move forward with clarity on what's important


Confidence to show up and pursue the work you dream about​

Physical and mental energy to be creative, productive and enjoy life

support and influence

Support and influence to help
you along the way

Some of the goals past clients achieved:

During one-on-one coaching sessions

Earned a Promotion

Negotiated a raise

Delegated more to their team

Spoke up more in meetings

Generated more sales

Tweaked their career for a better fit

Qualifiers - Are you:

  • Committed to make a change in your life?

  • Ready to do some work, you might have previously burnt out but are now in a space to make some changes?

  • Willing to try new habits to reduce overwhelm and stress?

  • Open to possibilities?

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Client reviews

As a Scrum Master, I know that communication can be difficult on Agile teams. When faced with a challenging and new situation in a distributed environment, I was eager to engage Nicola’s expertise. Thanks to her coaching, these difficulties became easy to address. During each session, Nicola asked precise and probing questions and highlighted unique solutions that I could take back to my team and apply immediately. Using the various techniques, she prescribed the team’s communication and trust improved, and I better understood how to use my own strengths to guide and coach the development team. I highly recommend Nicola’s coaching for any Scrum Master or Team Lead who is facing difficulty in team communication or seeks to improve their own skillset. Her professional guidance and knowledge is an excellent asset.
Nicola is a great support. She is thoughtful, thorough, and kind. I truly believe she cares about my growth and for that I'm extremely grateful.
Nicola helped me understand my talents and abilities and confirm my own personal observations, allowing me to move forward with more confidence in directions that I have selected. More importantly, she also allowed me to identify my foundational skills, giving me the opportunity to apply them successfully in new situations. I have also been able to identify some new opportunities, areas that I did not realize that my skills were applicable or valuable. Through the entire coaching process she also acted with high integrity and helped me face both the good and bad opinions that I had regarding my work skills. At the end she demonstrated that she cares for the people that she helps.



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