May 12, 2023

Program: Burnt-out to Knock-out

broken(exhausted to beautiful)

One habit at a time!

Nicola McCrabbe

You are exhausted!

You want to get back on track as soon as possible.

And you would like some help to get there from an expert that’s been there.

You are worn out.


Others are telling you that you need help.



It’s time to take action.


You want a life again.

You have likely tried everything (therapy, yoga, meditation, and it didn't last.)

It's time to get to the root cause!

Are you ready and committed to finding a longer lasting solution? Something that will change you from the inside out?


Take a peek at what you can expect!


Focus to make progress and move forward with clarity on what's important


Confidence to show up and pursue the work you dream about​

Physical and mental energy to be creative, productive and enjoy life

support and influence

Support and influence to help
you along the way


Lighten the load, reduce the pressure, and have some fun!

Join the 90-day program with Nicola


In order to address and prevent burnout, it is crucial to understand and make sense of your descent into burnout. Take the time to reflect on the factors that contributed to your burnout and gain insights into the patterns and behaviors that led to it. Additionally, connect the dots between your mind and body, recognizing how stress manifests physically. Pay attention to the signals and symptoms your body presents, such as headaches, muscle tension, or fatigue, as these can serve as important cues indicating the need for self-care and stress management. By developing this awareness and understanding, you can take proactive steps to prioritize your well-being and establish healthy habits that support your mental and physical resilience.


Understand and make sense of your descent to burnout

Connect the dots between the mind and the body and how stress shows up in the body 

Energy is critical to our ability to thrive in both personal and professional spheres. Taking time to rest and recharge is vital to our success. Another way to tap into energy is to intentionally incorporate play into our daily routines. By engaging in activities that bring us joy and allow us to tap into our creativity, we can increase our overall energy levels and improve our ability to focus and perform at our best. Additionally, creating boundaries around work is crucial to preserving energy levels. By setting clear boundaries and managing our time effectively, we can avoid burnout and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. By taking a holistic approach to energy management and intentionally cultivating habits that promote creativity, play, and work-life balance, we can maximize our energy and achieve our goals with greater ease and satisfaction.

Tapping into rest to recharge Adding play for creativity and fun Creating boundaries around work 

The first important step is creating learning and mastery goals to help you succeed. By establishing clear objectives and benchmarks, you can measure your progress and stay motivated throughout the program. Additionally, it’s important to understand how habits help to create change. By recognizing the mindsets holding you back and developing new habits supporting your goals, you can create sustainable change beyond the coaching program. To start this journey, you will use the Daily Habits Journal. With commitment, focus, and the right tools, you can achieve your goals and transform your life through coaching.


Create goals for coaching

Recognize mindsets holding us back

Understand how habits help to create change

Get started on the Daily Habits Journal 

In order to manage stress and maintain emotional wellbeing, it can be helpful to tap into positive emotions by practising daily gratitude and celebrating wins. We can also utilize tools such as Brain Relaxation Exercises (BREs) to keep the mind present and calm, and Five Rs tools to short-circuit stress spirals by recognizing negative emotions and choosing healthier responses.


Tap to gratitude daily and celebrate your wins

Tool 1 – Brain Relaxation Exercises (BREs) to keep the mind present and calm

Tool 2 – Five Rs tools to short-circuit your stress spirals by recognizing your negative emotions and choosing healthier responses

One of the keys to effective time management and productivity is learning to discern what to say “Yes” to and what to say “No” to, and implementing weekly and daily prioritization and planning to stay focused on what matters most. Additionally, developing the ability to say “NO” gracefully and confidently can help us avoid overcommitment and burnout, and maintain healthy boundaries in our personal and professional lives.


Make a list of energy givers and robbers

Figure out what to say “Yes” to and what to say “No” to

Learn systems for daily and weekly prioritization and planning

Learn how to say “No” elegantly

One of the keys to success is to focus on learning and improving with a growth mindset. Rather than seeing setbacks as failures, recognize them as opportunities to learn and grow. Keep your eyes on your own work and journey, avoiding the trap of comparison and self-doubt. And remember to adjust your goals as necessary, adapting to new information and insights along the way. With a commitment to growth, a willingness to learn, and the flexibility to adjust course when needed, you can achieve your dreams and create the life you desire.

Focus learning and improving with a growth mindset – there is not such time as failing, only winning or learning. 

Keep your eye on you own work

Adjusting goals

Confidence comes from truly knowing yourself – your motivators, strengths, values, and purpose. Embrace your unique self and recognize the value you bring to the world. When you clearly understand who you are and what you stand for, you can confidently tap into your why to navigate any situation and overcome imposter syndrome. So trust in your abilities. You can achieve great things when you fully embrace your uniqueness.

Clarity your motivators and your unique value (a unique phrase)

Tap into your why when you feel like the imposter in the room

Consider tweaks at work for more meaning and fulfillment


Dealing with our inner critic, practicing self-compassion, and acknowledging our self-worth are essential to nurturing confidence. 



Deal with your inner-critic and learn to be compassionate to yourself when things don’t go well

Acknowledge your self-worth daily

A strong support network can be invaluable in personal and professional growth. To build a supportive network, it is important to learn to be vulnerable and authentic with those around you. When you share your struggles and challenges, you allow others to support you and offer guidance. Additionally, it’s important to focus on growing your support network by reaching out to colleagues, mentors, and other professionals in your field. Learn to navigate difficult conversations with grace and professionalism. By developing strong communication skills and clearly understanding your unique value proposition, you can build strong relationships with those around you and cultivate a network to support your growth and success.

Learn to be vulnerable and authentic

Focus on growing your support network

Reaching out for help 

Navigating difficult conversations

Executive presence and articulating your value

As you finish your coaching program, take the time to celebrate your successes and reflect on the progress you have made. From there, refine your roadmap for the road ahead, incorporating new skills and insights gained during the coaching process. To maintain momentum, continue to set goals and hold yourself accountable, building on the foundation you have created with your coach to achieve ongoing growth and success.

Celebrating success of finishing program

Refining your roadmap for the road ahead

Maintaining momentum

What's unique about our coaching program

We believe that roadmaps are helpful to measure progress - you can feel grounded and confident knowing your next few steps


We get to the root cause - so you can change from the inside out!


The SIT-UPP™ framework of compassionate habits will help you to lighten the load, reduce the pressure, have some fun and be Successful!​

The two emotional regulation tools; the BREs and Five Rs will help you to stay calm, reduce your anxiety and short-circuit your negative thought spirals

We believe that change involves tiny tweaks - you will experiment with new habits one step at a time!


Why work with Nicola?


I've helped hundreds of clients in to move forward in their careers. Many of these clients were high-achievers like myself.
I worked in corporate, academic, and non-profit settings. I've been there - I didn't just get a coaching certificate.


I am educated as an executive coach and certified as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
I have a masters in computer science and a bachelor in education.



I understand the challenges of overwhelmed and anxious high-achievers. I'm one myself.
I burnt out and had to learn a new way to live and work. Today, I'm more focused, confident, authentic and connected. I can deal with the stressors that come along in my life. I have tools to help me to be more resilient.


I ask deep questions to get to the root of the issue.
I also get concrete and ask that you take action between sessions.
I'll role-play and experiment with you in sessions.
I'll be your best advocate.
I'll give you action steps between sessions to experiment with new habits.

Qualifiers - Are you:

  • Committed to make a change in your life?

  • Ready to do some work?

  • Willing to try new habits to reduce overwhelm and stress?

  • Open to possibilities?

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Client reviews

As a Scrum Master, I know that communication can be difficult on Agile teams. When faced with a challenging and new situation in a distributed environment, I was eager to engage Nicola’s expertise. Thanks to her coaching, these difficulties became easy to address. During each session, Nicola asked precise and probing questions and highlighted unique solutions that I could take back to my team and apply immediately. Using the various techniques, she prescribed the team’s communication and trust improved, and I better understood how to use my own strengths to guide and coach the development team. I highly recommend Nicola’s coaching for any Scrum Master or Team Lead who is facing difficulty in team communication or seeks to improve their own skillset. Her professional guidance and knowledge is an excellent asset.
Nicola is a great support. She is thoughtful, thorough, and kind. I truly believe she cares about my growth and for that I'm extremely grateful.
Nicola helped me understand my talents and abilities and confirm my own personal observations, allowing me to move forward with more confidence in directions that I have selected. More importantly, she also allowed me to identify my foundational skills, giving me the opportunity to apply them successfully in new situations. I have also been able to identify some new opportunities, areas that I did not realize that my skills were applicable or valuable. Through the entire coaching process she also acted with high integrity and helped me face both the good and bad opinions that I had regarding my work skills. At the end she demonstrated that she cares for the people that she helps.



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