May 22, 2021

Coaching – Career



Nicola has the confidence and experience to handle your unique situation, 

whether you require a minor tweak or a more significant adjustment.


Here are signs that suggest you could do with some career tweaking:

  • Feeling a sense of dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment in your current job.

  • Noticing a mismatch between your skills, interests, and the tasks or responsibilities of your role.

  • Struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Desiring more growth, challenge, or opportunities for advancement in your career.

  • Experiencing a lack of motivation or enthusiasm for your work.

  • Feeling stagnant or stuck in your current role with limited opportunities for development.

  • Experiencing a loss of passion or excitement for your chosen career path.

  • Feeling disconnected or unengaged with your work environment or colleagues.

  • Recognizing a need for acquiring new skills or updating existing ones to stay relevant in your field.

  • Contemplating a career change or exploring different professional paths.




You are currently dissatisfied with your position and seeking guidance and support to address these feelings and find greater fulfillment in your career.


You are returning to work after a break, layoff, or voluntary resignation. Our coaching program is tailored to support you throughout this transition.


Clarity on transferable skills: 

Whether you feel you’re in the wrong role, company, or industry, Nicola can help realign your work and bring more fulfillment and daily satisfaction. She will analyze your unique desires and needs, optimizing your transferable skills for a brighter and more fulfilling future. 

A true sense of purpose:  

When your work lacks fulfillment, it can have a toll on your overall well-being. Since work constitutes a significant part of your daily life and contributes to your happiness, having a genuine sense of purpose is crucial. Nicola will guide you in discovering and nurturing your true sense of purpose, which is more likely to bring fulfillment and happiness to your work.

Direction for the future: 

If you’ve been trying to figure things out on your own but feel stuck in a loop, consulting with an expert can provide the guidance you need. Nicola will collaborate with you to create a clear vision of your future, outlining actionable steps to help you progress beyond that circular thinking. 

Nicola's Signature 8-Session Program

We are happy to customize our package for you. Please contact us!


Engage in exercises that can assist you in identifying what is and isn’t effective for you

Including an advanced 3-hour Natural Abilities Assessment. Understanding your natural abilities will help you to figure out your ideal work preferences.


Utilize brainstorming techniques to enhance your ability to generate diverse options for facilitating change.

Develop a comprehensive roadmap that includes a step-by-step action plan with specific dates, empowering you to move forward confidently

We can help you to role-playing interviews and negotiate your rewards package (including salary).

Client Testimonials

Nicola was an amazing support during my recent career transition. She is both positive and realistic; a winning combination as I worked with her to discover my strengths and areas of opportunity. Not only did Nicola deliver excellent coaching support for my recent career transition, she also provided me with the quality feedback, tools and exercises I needed to support the strengthening of my leadership skills. This was extremely helpful as the number of my direct reports has increased significantly. My career transition has been quite a journey and Nicola' support and guidance have helped me every step of the way. I can't imagine my transition without her expertise and guidance.
I found the program to be fairly all-encompassing. I expected a critical analysis of my work history, personality and skills to propel me into a thoughtful and insightful research for future career options. I definitely got this! Nicola instilled a feeling of confidence and pointed out areas of strength. Recommend this program to others: 10/10
Kelly Woods
Nicola is a pleasure to work with as a career coach. She provides thorough assessments, evaluations and insightful recommendations for someone who is interested in exploring new career paths and opportunities. I would highly recommend her professional services and consider it a great privilege that I have had the opportunity to work with her.
I worked with Nicola when I was going through a career change, through multiple personality and other tests. Nicola helped me understand how I work and what environment suits me best. She helped me narrow down my career options to a top 5 and encouraged me to talk to people in those fields to understand better what they do. I was able to find a new job within three months of meeting Nicola and am incredibly grateful for her help!
Nicola helped me understand my talents and abilities and confirm my own personal observations, allowing me to move forward with more confidence in directions that I have selected. More importantly, she also allowed me to identify my foundational skills, giving me the opportunity to apply them successfully in new situations. I have also been able to identify some new opportunities, areas that I did not realize that my skills were applicable or valuable. Through the entire coaching process she also acted with high integrity and helped me face both the good and bad opinions that I had regarding my work skills. At the end she demonstrated that she cares for the people that she helps.
Nicola is thorough, responsive, flexible and insightful. She helped me understand my strengths and abilities which in turn allowed me to communicate about them more effectively to different groups. Nicola’s guidance strengthened my professional voice and sharpened my career focus. Her support helped me successfully identify and secure the right opportunity.
What an amazing experience Nicola provided. In safe, thorough and efficient sessions I discovered my own strengths and challenges and have started a fulfilling new career direction.


Nicola has:

  • Coached over 200 individuals in career coaching.

  • Received rave reviews on her ability to listen, ask the right questions, and thoroughly analyze and find patterns about what motivates you to work.

  • Completed a few successful career transitions in her own life. She gets it and understands challenging work situations.

  • Taught career planning and job search workshops.

  • Researched coping with a layoff and being dissatisfied with work in mid-life.

Nicola is qualified on several career assessments, including:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment.
  • Highlands Ability Battery
  • Strong Interest Inventory