July 8, 2021

Coaching – Overwhelm to Top-Notch

From Overwhelm to Top-Notch



One habit at a time!

Nicola McCrabbe

Do you struggle with one or more of the following?

Overthinking and anxiety
Fear of failure
Imposter syndrome or perfectionism

Do you identify with one or more parts of Emily's story?

Once upon a time, there was Emily, an ambitious yet overwhelmed individual.

Emily's mornings began with an abrupt awakening from her blaring alarm, and a familiar sense of dread as she anticipated the overwhelming day ahead.

Arriving at work, Emily perceived the day's demands as insurmountable, leaving her anxious and unfocused. The mounting pressure eroded her confidence, casting shadows of self-doubt.

Amidst the chaos, Emily found herself tethered to her desk. Lunch breaks turned into moments of mindless scrolling through social media—a temporary escape from engulfing stress.

Setbacks and negative feedback, common in any professional journey, hit Emily hard. She internalized each criticism, letting it erode her self-esteem. The fear of failure gradually took hold, paralyzing her progress and leaving her feeling utterly defeated, and she often felt unsupported.

As the day progressed, work and personal life boundaries blurred. Emily felt isolated, unfulfilled, and disconnected from loved ones as she as she grappled with work-related concerns.

Exhausted and emotionally spent, Emily would collapse into bed each night, dreading the cycle that awaited her. Deep down, she yearned for change—a way to break free from suffocating overwhelm and discover purpose and balance that had eluded her for too long.

Coaching is for you if you want to BE successful without it Being stressful

You have likely tried everything (therapy, yoga, meditation, and it didn't last.)

It's time to get to the root cause!

Are you ready and committed to finding a longer lasting solution? Something that will change you from the inside out?


Take a peek at what you can expect!


Show up with confidence as your unique self without doubting yourself


Focus on what's the most valuable to be productive without overworking, seeking perfection or feeling distracted

energy and calm

Sustain your mental and physical energy to do what you love without feeling tired, anxious or overwhelmed

support and influence

Co-value with others for mutual support along the way

Lighten the load, reduce the pressure, have some fun and be Successful!

Join the 90-day
coaching program
with Nicola

This module will start with the first important step of creating initial goals. By establishing clear objectives and benchmarks, you can measure your progress and stay motivated throughout the program. Additionally, it’s important to understand how habits help to create change. By recognizing the mindsets holding you back and how new habits create sustainable change, you can begin your journey. To start this journey, you will use the Daily Habits Journal. You can achieve your goals and transform your life with commitment, focus, and the right tools.

This module will enhance self-confidence with self-compassion to overcome self-doubt and guide you to tap into positive emotions to cultivate a positive mindset.

This module will enhance self-confidence with awareness of your unique value. You will dive deeper into your motivations and strengths and understood the value you bring to the world. 

This module will help you with weekly and daily prioritization to eliminate time-wasters and free up space for what matters most.

This module will assist you in defining and strategizing long-term career goals,  and creating realistic action plans with an experimentation mindset to achieve your goals. 

This module will provide you with guidance on finding and cultivating support networks, mentors and role models, both within and outside of their organizations. It will also provide you with the skills for assertiveness and self-advocacy including effective communication to assert yourself confidently in professional settings.  

This module will give you strategies for coping with stressors, challenges, and setbacks.

This module will provide strategies for managing work-life balance, setting boundaries, and prioritizing personal well-being alongside professional aspirations.

As you near the completion of your coaching program, it’s crucial to celebrate your successes and acknowledge the progress you have made. Taking the time to reflect on your journey will help you appreciate the efforts you’ve invested and the milestones you’ve achieved. This reflection will also serve as a valuable tool for self-awareness and continuous improvement.

What's unique about our coaching program

You will be able to measure your progress along the way to evaluate the impact of coaching, pre and post program.


You will experiment with new habits one step at a time!


You will use a daily journal to implement weekly and daily habits based on agile methodology and continuous improvement.


Why work with Nicola?


I have helped hundreds of clients in to move forward in their careers to support career growth, job satisfaction and leadership excellent. Many of these clients are high-achievers like you. I worked in corporate, academic, and non-profit settings before taking a coaching certificate.


I am educated as an executive coach and certified as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Bachelors degree in Education.

Recently, I authored and published a book:



I understand the challenges of overwhelmed and anxious high-achievers. I am one myself.
I burnt out and had to learn a new way to live and work. Today, I'm more focused, confident, authentic and connected. I can deal with the stressors in my life and have tools to help me to be more resilient.


I ask deep questions to get to the root of the issue.
I also get concrete and ask that you take action between sessions.
I'll role-play and experiment with you in sessions.
I'll be your best advocate.
I'll give you action items between sessions to experiment with new habits.

Qualifiers - Are you:

  • Committed to make a change in your life?

  • Ready to do some work. You might have previously burnt out but are now in a space to make some changes?

  • Willing to try new habits to reduce overwhelm and stress?

  • Open to possibilities?

Some of the goals past clients achieved:

During one-on-one coaching sessions

Earned a Promotion

Negotiated a raise

Delegated more to their team

Spoke up more in meetings

Generated more sales

Tweaked their career 

As the morning sun peeks through her window, Emily wakes up feeling excited for the day ahead.

Emily grabs her favourite journal and starts her day with a moment of calm, practicing a short mindfulness exercise that she learned from our program. Armed with the time management techniques she learned, Emily glances at the realistic plan she has created for her week with dedicated time for important tasks and breaks to recharge. She feels refreshed and focused, as she greets her team and colleagues and wishes them a good day.

Throughout the day, Emily encounters challenges, as we all do. But armed with the strategies she acquired from our program, she now recognizes when she is stressed and approaches situations with confidence and compassion. Setbacks and negative feedback no longer derail her – they become opportunities for growth and learning.

During lunch break, Emily takes a moment to check in with herself and indulges in a healthy, nourishing meal. She even squeezes in a short walk outside, embracing the beauty of nature and allowing her mind to recharge.

As the workday comes to an end, Emily wraps up her tasks efficiently, knowing she utilized her resources and support network effectively. She communicates assertively, advocating for her needs and career progression and manages expectations with grace. The once-daunting idea of delegating tasks has become a skill she excels at, allowing her to focus on what truly matters.

After work, Emily effortlessly transitions into her personal life. She spends quality time with loved ones, fully present and engaged. She embraces the joy of pursuing hobbies, knowing that taking care of herself is just as important as achieving professional success.

As the day winds down, Emily reflects on her accomplishments, big and small. She's proud of how far she has come. With a smile on her face, Emily drifts off to sleep, excited for what tomorrow holds.



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