June 23, 2016




  • Nicola is a teacher and facilitator at heart and holds a BEd 
  • Nicola just recently published a book on burnout. For more on book details
  • Nicola has a range of training and facilitation experience. She has worked in education for nine years, including as a tenure-track professor at Mount Royal University and a continuing education instructor at the University of Calgary. She facilitated Career Development workshops for the Government of Alberta. 
  • Nicola’s style is fun, engaging and highly interactive. 
Nicola McCrabbe

Signs that your team or business could benefit from wellness workshops

  • Recent times of uncertainty have left your team feeling fearful and anxious.

  • Productivity may be declining, or you have noticed a decrease in your motivation levels.

  • Your team is starting to show signs of exhaustion – retention issues, low productivity, sick days, irritability and conflict.

  • You have noticed low employee engagement in recent employee surveys.

  • Resilience is at an all-time low. 


Support.  Feeling stressed and burnt out at work is normal. Realizing that you are not alone can make all the difference.

Focus and Productivity. With more mental clarity and a calmer mind, your team will be able to focus and get more work done.

Small Tweaks to Healthy Habits. We believe that change happens with minor tweaks. Bit by bit, with minor tweaks, we will help your team build healthier habits. 

Research Based. Our work is based on scientific principles and research.  


We are happy to customize our workshops for you. Please contact us. Each offering can be tailored to a lunch or learn, or a four-hour workshop.

Typically, we would offer these workshops in-person; however, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are only offering these workshops remotely at this time.

Feeling Burnt out! You are not alone.

This workshop will help your team to feel supported in this time of uncertainty. The format will offer time to reflect and share in a safe and caring environment. Participants will be introduced to simple exercises to instantly reduce stress.

Control what you can, and let the rest go!

Learn how to take command of your mind to manage overthinking, stress, and burnout. We will introduce participants to our signature Five R’s tool to manage and recover from stress. This workshop is highly interactive.

Load up on your Resources to handle demands at work!

This session can be customized to your needs. Options can include:

Managing your energy.

Being selective about the work you do.

Adopting a growth mindset.

Tapping into your why.

Social competencies for greater support.

Facilitator reviews

As a facilitator, Nicola, in particular, is amazing, knowledgeable, intuitive, and very engaging. I appreciated her instruction and insight. She is very engaging and never lost my attention. She provided a lot of really current information. Nicola - don’t change! I found Nicola engaging, knowledgeable and very ready to direct the flow of the group needs.
Career Development workshops for Government of Alberta, Alberta Human Services.
Nicola has exceeded workshop service delivery standards for both client completion rates and client satisfaction.
I attended her one-day workshop as a participant, and the workshop was beneficial. Nicola created a good atmosphere for us to interact with each other and be active during group discussions. I gained more confidence, made new friends and came out with a great list of action items.



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