July 8, 2021



Nicola McCrabbe

One-on-one Coaching is for you if
you want:

  • Confidence to show up as your best self.

  • Focus and mental clarity to get things done and be more productive.

  • Less stress and more joy.

  • To truly walk the talk and have family and work-life balance as priorities.

  • To reduce overthinking and anxiety in your life.

  • To better handle adversities that come your way and be more resilient.


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Nicola McCrabbe

Three/Six month coaching program

This “Signature” program is a purpose-built program for professional leaders. Nicola brings unique qualities of leadership coaching, counselling and training to this program. Participants will be able to measure before and after results to see progress. The program includes:

  • 2 x Overwhelm Quotient Index (at beginning and end of coaching, to measure progress)
  • One-hour ‘Launch’ Exploration session- to clarify your goals and understand your personal preferences.
  • One-hour ‘Identity’ session to uncover your true essence.
  • Weekly sessions to experiment with new tweaks.
  • Unlimited emails between sessions.
  • One-hour ‘Send-off’ Planning and review session at completion of the program.
  • One-hour ‘Intensity’ session- three months after completion of the program.
Mode of delivery: face-to-face, video or phone.

NEED HELP ANd A fresh perspective?

Are you: 


Working towards a promotion and need to be more resilient to show up as your best self?


Starting a new position and want to get off to a great start?


Considering leaving your current organization and unsure whether to stay or go?


Currently on stress leave, or feel you will be shortly if you don’t reach out for help now?


Recovering from burnout and want help to strike a new healthier path forward?


A recovering perfectionist?



Our three resilience tools used in coaching

Brain Relaxation Exercises: BRE’s. Like mental exercises you would do at the gym, with regular practise these exercises will keep your mind calm and relaxed to better deal with stressors.

Five Rs and 3 Questions:. When you get stressed, you can recover with this tool to reduce the time you spend overwhelmed.

SIT-UPP Framework of Compassionate Habits. Learn compassionate habits to feel more in control to manage your stressors. 


3 tools

We believe in making tiny tweaks at a time.

 These tiny tweaks build up to healthy habits. 



Nicola brings a unique perspective to coaching: 
  • A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in current standing with the world-renowned International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Worked as a leadership coach for ten years and coached many overwhelmed clients. 
  • Researched and wrote academic papers on stress and burnout.
  • Has a background working in the corporate world (in various industries) and experience teaching higher education as a university lecturer.
  • Has a Master of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Education.
  • Experience as a career transition coach that will help you to gain clarity and future vision in your career — click here for help on creating a new career strategy.
  • Nicola has taken several undergrad and graduate courses that help her take a balanced approach to leadership coaching.
  • Nicola is just published a book on stress and burnout. Details can be found here

Client reviews

As a Scrum Master, I know that communication can be difficult on Agile teams. When faced with a challenging and new situation in a distributed environment, I was eager to engage Nicola’s expertise. Thanks to her coaching, these difficulties became easy to address. During each session, Nicola asked precise and probing questions and highlighted unique solutions that I could take back to my team and apply immediately. Using the various techniques, she prescribed the team’s communication and trust improved, and I better understood how to use my own strengths to guide and coach the development team. I highly recommend Nicola’s coaching for any Scrum Master or Team Lead who is facing difficulty in team communication or seeks to improve their own skillset. Her professional guidance and knowledge is an excellent asset.
Nicola is a great support. She is thoughtful, thorough, and kind. I truly believe she cares about my growth and for that I'm extremely grateful.



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