May 22, 2021

Career Coaching


Career Coaching

do YOU NEED CLARITY ANd A fresh perspective?

Nicola has the confidence and experience to handle your unique situation, 

whether you require a minor tweak or a more significant adjustment.

Career Coaching

You will participate in exercises to assist you in identifying what is and isn’t effective for you.

I  will choose suitable assessments, and Including an advanced 3-hour Natural Abilities Assessment. Understanding your natural abilities will help you to figure out your ideal work preferences.


Utilize brainstorming techniques to generate suitable options. 

Develop a comprehensive roadmap that includes a step-by-step action plan with specific dates, empowering you to move forward confidently.

I can help you to role-play interviews and negotiate your rewards package (including salary) with confidence


Career Coaching

Career Coaching Expertise: Nicola brings a wealth of experience to career coaching, having successfully guided numerous individuals through their professional journeys.

Personal Insight: Drawing from her own successful career transitions, Nicola intimately understands the challenges of navigating diverse work situations.

Acclaimed Coaching Approach: Nicola has garnered acclaim for her exceptional ability to listen attentively, pose insightful questions, and conduct thorough analyses, uncovering patterns that illuminate your work motivations.

Educational Background: In addition to her coaching expertise, Nicola has taught career planning and job search workshops, further enhancing her ability to guide individuals toward successful career paths.

Research Contributions: Nicola has conducted research on coping with layoffs and addressing dissatisfaction with work in mid-life, providing valuable insights into managing career challenges at various stages.

Qualified Assessor: