April 16, 2024

VIP Coaching

VIP Coaching with Nicola

Gain Clarity and Move Forward

VIP program

What are VIP Sessions?


VIP Sessions are:

One-off, intensive coaching sessions tailored to provide personalized, focused, and high-value support exclusively for you.


During our VIP-coaching 3-hour session, we can explore a range of topics tailored to your needs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Managing stressful situations in the workplace and deciding whether to stay or leave.
  • Returning to work smoothly after stress leave and setting yourself up for success.
  • Rehearsing how to give feedback to an employee or having a difficult conversation.
  • Developing effective delegation skills and providing constructive feedback as a leader.
  • Discovering your purpose at work by unlocking what makes you truly unique with an identity session.
  • Acing your next interview with a mock interview session.

What you can expect at the end of the VIP session:

Clarity and Action Plan

Gain clarity on your career goals and create a personalized action plan.


Work closely with a certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with years of experience helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their career aspirations.

Piece of mind

Find peace of mind knowing that you have a dedicated partner in your corner, guiding you through your career challenges to help you reach a successful outcome.


After coaching, experience a surge of motivation, replacing procrastination and worry with confidence to propel you forward.

Your VIP-Session Includes:


A three-hour intensity session to gain clarity and move forward. Dive deep into your career challenges and opportunities with a focused coaching session.



  • 30-minute Set-Up Call: Kick off your VIP Session with a personalized discussion to outline your goals and expectations.

  • 30-minute Follow-Up Session one week later: Reflect on your progress and discuss any additional support or guidance needed to keep moving forward.


Receive a special discount on further coaching or training sessions when you book your VIP Session today!

VIP coaching

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.
The breakthrough you desire begins here.

VIP coaching