Make feedback more impactful by using individual motivator language

Using the right hook to bait the fish for more impactful feedback. Understanding that we all look at the world via a different lens, is very important when giving feedback. When we change our approach to match someone else’s preferences, we have a significantly better chance of connecting and achieving our communication goals! To illustrate this,[…]

Getting more of recognizing positive feedback

How to get 2 thumbs up when giving positive feedback

In our last post we looked at how to turn negative feedback into a learning experience. Similarly we can make positive feedback into a learning experience. So next time, you think about saying, “Joe, great job!”, think again. In his book ‘Quiet Leadership’ David Rock he says that people are paid to think and that as leaders, we[…]

Love and Employee Engagement. 5 Secret Why’s, What’s and How’s of this Magic Dust

When you love someone, you typically want to please him or her, and go beyond what they expect from you. Likewise, Bob Kelleher from the Employee Engagement Group talks about the magic dust as the discretionary effort of an employee, when they go above and beyond what is expected. So, how can we create some[…]