August 11, 2018

Team Dynamics Workshop


This is a great workshop to boost team performance and cohesiveness.

Pre-requisite: Who are the players on your team Workshop This experiential workshop takes the view that cognitive diversity is beneficial for teams, and that although individuals need not be well-rounded, teams should be! This approach, coined We-team, helps build cohesive, innovative and productive teams. You will gain insights into the dynamics of your team by mapping personalities from the individual Emergenetics profiles to form a combined team view. We use this combined view to identify strengths and gaps on your team. In this experiential workshop, teams will be put into live action exercises to have them see first hand how their combined preferences play out and impact their effectiveness and results. This workshop can be customized based on the desired goal for your team. Whether you want to improve Innovation or Performance or have something specific such as improve your, strategic visioning goals, your marketing or branding strategy, your onboarding or learning strategy, your sales strategy, etc., we will take you through the process to improve your team’s results. You will leave with an action plan for moving forward for your particular team and have fun along the way.

Key takeaways

Self and Team Awareness:
  • Gain insight and awareness about yourself and your team
  • Understand how personality differences are interpreted by others
  • Appreciate the patterns, and the dynamics of your team, including strengths, vulnerabilities, and potential biases.
  • Understand how these patterns impact your team results.
Self and Team Management:
  • Determine strategies to Improve team collaboration and communication skills
  • Determine strategies to improve team cohesiveness and effectiveness
  • Learn how to use the We-Team approach to make better workplace decisions.


Half-day workshop (3 hours)

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