August 11, 2018

Team Health Check-In/Retrospective Workshop.

thriving team

This team check-in will ensure that the team moves from functioning to flourishing quicker. It will also help with better relationships, productivity, and innovation.  Participation will be managed to establish trust and psychological safety, with whole team contribution.

Key Take-Aways

  • Awareness – Take a curious approach to the findings of an informal team health check-in assessment. Identify areas that are going well to be celebrated, as well as identifying issues that are preventing the team from flourishing, performing and innovating.
  • Revisit and Reset – Revisit the Mission, Vision, and Values or Operational Guidelines, as well as the Tuckman’s stages of group development.
  • Optional Toolkit: Conflict Resolution, with Active listening and Effective Feedback
  • Optional Toolkit: Learn general team resilience strategies for sustainable team development and engagement.
  • Action Plan: Develop a plan for moving forward
  • Autonomy – The team will determine the outcomes, while the facilitator will facilitate the process.


Half-day workshop (3 hours)

1 day workshop (6 hours)

2 day workshop (6 hours each)

More than one smaller workshops (2 hours each).

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