March 21, 2023

About Nicola McCrabbe

I'm Nicola,
Career and Leadership Coach

I draw upon my 15 years of experience in coaching, a corporate background in IT, along with my research on stress and burnout, to help professionals and leaders improve performance, mitigate burnout, and promote well-being and resilience.


Here's the perspective through which I
approach my work:


My work is based on science and research

Lived Experience:

I've navigated career transitions and burnout

Practical Experience:

Combination of tech and education experience

Mindsets & Limiting Beliefs:

Exposing obstacles to success are important

Coaching Experience:

Over 10 years; career and leadership coaching

From Rural Ireland:

With lots of fun stories along the way


Help us change by being consistent over time


Continuous improvement through practice and reflection

Sustainable Success:

Combining both performance and wellness for success

I get what it means to work in demanding environments

I’ve worked in academia in the faculty of computer science. I’ve also contributed to groundbreaking software projects internationally and pursued counseling and executive coaching studies while balancing raising children and cultivating a career in coaching. 

Life as a High-Performer


Behind my high-flying career, I grappled with the relentless juggle of work, studies, and the demands of family life. I constantly pushed myself to the limit, consumed by the weight of high expectations. Eventually, I succumbed to burnout.


Burnout Book

After researching stress and burnout among high-performers, I authored ‘Burnout Be Gone,’ a book on resilience strategies. Additionally, I developed a daily journal to integrate these habits into everyday life, recognizing that change requires consistent action.

A New Beginning


Now, armed with tools and habits, I face each day with renewed vigor. I’ve learned to integrate wellness with performance to better manage stressors. My life’s mission is now dedicated to empowering others in similar situations to mitigate burnout.

Can't wait to start making positive changes together

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