December 20, 2022



Keynote for ISA Conference

Nicola McCrabbe


Nicola speaks on topics related to burnout, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, career development and mental health.

She is happy to customize presentations to individual audiences.

breaking the burnout cycle: becoming better people ONE HABIT AT A TIME

Audiences: Associations, Professional Development Conferences,Team Building 

When surrounded by stress, it can feel normal to experience overwhelming feelings and stress. Our world is filled with instability and uncertainty. The task is to determine the right time to take action and make changes before we reach a state of burnout. Unfortunately, we often overlook the warning signs and only realize we’re burnt out when it’s too late. The result can be a lengthy recovery period and a loss of productivity and revenue for both ourselves and our organization. In this session, join Nicola McCrabbe, an author and professional leadership coach, as she helps you identify where you are on the stress-burnout continuum and guides you toward living a sustainable life today, enabling you to thrive in the future.


Key Takeaways Include:


  • Gain an understanding of the slippery slope into burnout

  • Develop awareness of the physical and emotional symptoms of each stage of burnout.

  • Assess your current position on the burnout continuum.

  • Understand how to break free from each stage with healthy habits.

  • Experiment with some tools that will help you to handle stress and enable you to thrive in the future.

  • Appreciate the importance of regular practice of healthy behaviours to encourage consistent habits. 

Testimonial from Project Management, Southern Alberta, Presentation (in-person)

"I wanted to thank you again for such and engaging and thoughtful presentation last evening. So much great feedback, people loved how open, honest and real you are, especially sharing your journey and stories."
Testimonial from Project Management, Southern Alberta, Presentation (in-person)

"Thanks for the awesome session Nicola! Burnout at the workplace (or in life) is real and doesn't help anyone including the individual or the organization. Your session had great insights about strategies to identify and tackle burnout."
Testimonial from Mount Royal University, Professional Development event, presentation (virtual)

"Thanks for the amazing presentation to the Mount Royal Staff during our Professional Development days. I found it engaging and helpful, and I believe it really helped all those in attendance. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and stories with us."

Embracing Calmness at Work: A Triad of Tools for Resilience and Well-being


Associations, Professional Development Conferences,Team Building 

In this engaging presentation, we’ll delve into the profound art of cultivating calmness and tranquility within the mind, paving the way for enhanced overall well-being. In today’s dynamic and demanding world, the relentless pressures of stress and anxiety can exact a significant toll on both our mental and physical health. 

Prepare to be both educated and entertained as we navigate this journey toward a tranquil mind and holistic well-being. Your voyage toward holistic well-being begins here – an odyssey marked by self-discovery, empowerment, and a touch of lightheartedness. 


Key Takeaways include : 


  • Understanding the Need for a Calm Brain.

  • Consequences of an Edgy Brain.

  • Understanding and recognizing stress as a Loss of Control.

  • Appreciation of three Tools for a Calm Brain; Brain Relaxation Exercises (BREs), SIT-UPP™ framework of Compassionate Habits and The Five Rs.


Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism: Breaking the rules FOR Stress-Free Success!

Audiences: Associations, Women’s groups, Professional Development  

Have you ever found yourself questioning your abilities and feeling like a fraud in your work? Imposter syndrome and perfectionism tendencies can hinder our progress and deter us from pursuing our goals. But fear not! In this presentation, we will explore effective strategies to overcome these unhelpful patterns and unlock our full potential. Imposter syndrome and perfectionism need not hold us back any longer. Let’s delve into unmasking these challenges, understanding the detrimental patterns, and implementing practical habits to break free from self-doubt and embrace our true capabilities. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, where we thrive in our work, take risks, and pursue our goals with unwavering confidence and enthusiasm.



Key Takeaways include:


  • Unmasking Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism:

      • Learn to recognize the signs of imposter syndrome and perfectionism

      • Understand the unhelpful rules and beliefs that contribute to imposter syndrome and perfectionism.

      • Discover where you fall on the continuum.

    • Acquire strategies to break free from self-doubt and build confidence to reach your full potential.



  • Nicola is an expert in Resilience & Burnout. She just recently published a book on the subject. See book details

  • Nicola is a skilled speaker with a background in higher education, including as a tenure-track professor at Mount Royal University and a continuing education instructor at the University of Calgary. 

  • Nicola’s style is fun, engaging and highly interactive. 


Mount Royal University, PD staff event

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Workshop Testimonials

As a facilitator, Nicola, in particular, is amazing, knowledgeable, intuitive, and very engaging. I appreciated her instruction and insight. She is very engaging and never lost my attention. She provided a lot of really current information. Nicola - don’t change! I found Nicola engaging, knowledgeable and very ready to direct the flow of the group needs.
Career Development workshops for Government of Alberta, Alberta Human Services.
She has exceeded workshop service delivery standards for both client completion rates and client satisfaction. She has a wide range of experience working with the diverse client groups and demonstrated success in working with them in both individual and group settings.
I attended her one-day workshop as a participant, and the workshop was beneficial. Nicola created a good atmosphere for us to interact with each other and be active during group discussions. I gained more confidence, made new friends and came out with a great list of action items.