December 20, 2022



Nicola McCrabbe

What are people saying?

I wanted to thank you again for such and engaging and thoughtful presentation last evening. So much great feedback, people loved how open, honest and real you are, especially sharing your journey and stories.

Thanks for the awesome session!
Burnout at the workplace (or in life) is real and doesn't help anyone including the individual or the organization. Your session had great insights about strategies to identify and tackle burnout.
Thanks for the amazing presentation to the Mount Royal Staff for PD days. I found it engaging and helpful, and I believe it really helped all those in attendance. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and stories with us.

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Nicola speaks on topics related to burnout, resilience, performance, and imposter syndrome.

Nicola is happy to customize presentations to individual audiences.

Burnout Be Gone: One Habit at a Time


Associations, Professional Development, Conferences,Team Building

Retain Top Talent by Reducing Burnout


Professional Development Leaders, HR conferences

Keep Calm, Choose Wellness, and Carry On: Navigating Change, Challenge, and Uncertainty - The Agile Way


Associations, Professional Development, Conferences, Team Building

Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism: Breaking the Rules for Sustainable Success!


Associations, Women’s groups Professional Development, Conferences

speaking engagements


Mount Royal University, PD staff event

PMI Calgary

PMI event

CAMUG Calgary



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Burnout be Gone: one habit at a time

Audiences: Associations, Professional Development Conferences

In the face of stress, experiencing overwhelming feelings can become the norm. Our world, filled with instability and uncertainty, presents the challenge of recognizing the opportune moment for action and change, preventing the descent into burnout. Unfortunately, we often overlook the warning signs, realizing our burnout only when it’s too late. This oversight can result in a prolonged recovery period, causing a decline in productivity and revenue, impacting both individuals and organizations. Join Nicola McCrabbe, an author and professional leadership coach, in this session as she assists you in identifying your position on the stress-burnout continuum and guides you toward living a sustainable life today, ensuring your ability to thrive in the future.




  • Gain an understanding of the slippery slope into burnout
    Develop awareness of the physical and emotional symptoms of each stage of burnout and an understanding of the progression into full burnout.
  • Personal Placement on the Burnout Continuum: Individuals will assess their current position on the burnout continuum.
  • Hands-On Tools for Stress Management: Attendees will experiment with actionable tools designed to effectively manage stress, providing them with practical techniques to navigate challenges and thrive in the future.



Associations, Professional Development and Leadership Conferences

In today’s fiercely competitive and demanding professional landscape, organizations confront the daunting challenge of retaining their top talent amidst the threat of burnout. Achieving a delicate balance between sustaining high performance and safeguarding well-being is paramount. This presentation offers profound insights and practical strategies aimed at improving retention rates while simultaneously nurturing innovation and enhancing engagement within the workforce.




  • Deepened Understanding of Top Talent Motivations and Aspirations: Participants will gain valuable insights into the motivations and aspirations driving top talent, enhancing their ability to engage, nurture, and retain high-performing individuals.
  • Proactive Identification of Burnout Triggers and Warning Signs: Attendees will develop the skill to identify burnout triggers and recognize early warning signs, allowing for timely intervention and support to prevent the negative impact on top talent.
  • Strategic Approaches for Talent Retention and Burnout Reduction: Participants will uncover four key strategies designed for talent retention and burnout reduction, providing actionable insights to create a supportive environment that fosters both professional growth and personal well-being.

Keep Calm, Choose Wellness, and Carry On: Navigating Change, Challenge, and Uncertainty - The Agile Way


Associations, Professional Development Conferences, Team Building, Leadership

Join us for an engaging presentation where participants delve into the crucial art of managing energy and navigating workplace challenges. Led by an esteemed expert in resilience and peak performance, attendees will uncover practical strategies for gracefully navigating setbacks. Through compelling anecdotes and actionable insights, individuals will discover how to overcome obstacles and thrive in their wake. This keynote promises to equip attendees with the tools to foster resilience within their workplace, leaving them inspired and empowered to tackle professional challenges with newfound agility.




  • Cultivating Resilience Culture: Inspire a cultural shift towards resilience, encouraging organizations to view challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.
    Enhanced Problem-Solving: Empower participants with a fresh perspective on challenges, fostering a proactive mindset that enhances problem-solving skills when facing setbacks.
  • Optimized Performance: Learn to channel energy positively, leading to improved performance and productivity, even in the face of adversity, contributing to personal and professional growth.

Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism: Breaking the rules FOR sustainable Success!

Audiences: Associations, Women’s groups, Professional Development  

Have you ever found yourself questioning your abilities and feeling like a fraud in your work? Imposter syndrome and perfectionism tendencies can hinder our progress and deter us from pursuing our goals. But fear not! In this presentation, we will explore effective strategies to overcome these unhelpful patterns and unlock our full potential. Imposter syndrome and perfectionism need not hold us back any longer. Let’s delve into unmasking these challenges, understanding the detrimental patterns, and implementing practical habits to break free from self-doubt and embrace our true capabilities. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, where we thrive in our work, take risks, and pursue our goals with unwavering confidence and enthusiasm.




  • Increased Recognition of Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism: Participants will develop the ability to identify the signs and manifestations of imposter syndrome and perfectionism in themselves and others.
  • Empowerment to Break Free from Self-Doubt: The session will equip participants with practical strategies to overcome self-doubt associated with imposter syndrome and perfectionism, empowering them to embrace challenges and pursue their goals with confidence.
  • Confidence Building: Attendees will learn concrete steps to build and sustain confidence, allowing them to unleash their full potential in various aspects of their lives.