Burnout Quiz

The Burnout Quiz


The sad truth.

The harsh reality is that we often reach rock bottom before acknowledging our burnout. We tend to dismiss our symptoms, convincing ourselves that feeling tired or irritable is normal. Alternatively, we cling to the hope that things will improve.

What we advocate for.

We advocate for a proactive approach over a reactive one. Take the initiative and assess your position on the burnout scale today.


Let’s get started


1.I am working hard but don’t seem to be achieving much lately
2.I have less patience for others
3.At the end of the day, I feel used up
4.I often feel overwhelmed with everything on my plate
5.I am experiencing physical symptoms such as digestive issues, cold hands and feet, aches and pain
6.After a conflict, I feel exhausted and in need of a nap
7.I have mental fatigue (or fog) and find it hard to focus, make decisions or gain traction
8.I believe that I have little to look forward to
9.I have little energy for others
10.I am tired when I wake up in the morning
11.I feel burnt out
12.Joy appears to be something of the past
13.Other people bug me
14.I do not feel successful
15.I am short-tempered and irritable with others
16.I am neglecting the things that used to keep me healthy such as exercise, hobbies, healthy eating, and time with friends
17.I am drinking more caffeine and eating more sugary threats to keep on top of things
18.I often feel cynical or negative about my work
19.I have not been accomplishing much lately
20.I often feel that I can’t cope